Sunday, August 19, 2007

New friend; new clothes.

Tonight on SL, I hung out with a new friend, Siri Woodget. In the course of our meanderings through the best shops of SL, it occurred to me that I know a fair number of free and cheap sources for cool shoes and clothes. Perhaps I should make a list...

Siri asked me how I knew all of this. I admit to a guilty passion for clothing that I can indulge in Second Life that I can't indulge IRL. This is perhaps Second Life's biggest draw, for me. The dress-up!

"It's the reason why Barbie is so popular," Michelle Zoss pointed out at dinner tonight, making me cringe and bite my fingernails. I've never owned a Barbie, and find Barbie awful. Is this seriously why I dress up my avatar so often? I'd like to think that my 3D dress-up doll has much better taste than endless pink.

However, I return to a vaguely feminist thought that I've been kicking around of late. Women aren't liberated when they don't have to play with Barbie -- women are liberated when men can play with Barbie without being stigmatized.

Anyway. Second Life is all Yeah.

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