Thursday, August 16, 2007

Me vs. me

Me as a scary cat demon in a gasmask

Something that I love about Second Life is the way in which you can play with your own appearance. Avatars are infinitely modifiable, and you can change sex, color, gender or even species with a few button clicks. Today I didn't travel much, but spent some time putting together a consciously off-putting avatar to use when I don't want to attract attention.

Strangely enough, Second Life and Real Life are much the same in that beauty tends to draw, and ugliness repulse. It doesn't matter that none of Second Life is 'real' -- a fair number of the population of Second Life tries to realize their own inner perception of beauty.

That means that there are few out-of-shape avatars, and a lot of tall slender model types. After I put on this avatar, I was left quite alone while exploring. The lesson I'm learning is that perception might just be everything. :p

Me as a pretty Victorian maiden

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