Sunday, November 13, 2016

Such adorable danger

My lady Jackal Ennui has made an adorable set of little dragons for Gacha Garden. They fly at your shoulder so that you can step into fraught political situations and conquer using the threat of fire and cuteness. I also took a shitty photo of Schadenfreude's Toothy jewelry -- better photo coming eventually. And on my body is the darkest of ink, bats so deeply painted into my skin that they'll never fade. BATS IN MY SOUL. Okay, maybe I need less coffee. Have a good Sunday, y'all!

lassitude & ennui Dragon whelp - albino wear me / rez me RARE c -- for Gacha Garden
lassitude & ennui Dragon whelp wings -- for Gacha Garden
Schadenfreude Black Ornate Toothy bracelets and necklace
Schadenfreude swept back horns
Calico Lucine in whites
Luxuria Leanna bodysuit in black
Silentsparrow batling tattoo set
Slink body, Catwa head, Pink Fuel skin and makeup

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Knock, knock!

Last night I went to the Panic of Pumpkin trick or treating sim (SLURL here) and picked up a number of cute things! It was fun to relax from distributing candy by getting my own virtual candy. I especially loved the fluffy cute spider crawling up my skirt and my fully stuffed pumpkin backpack. Halloween forever, no matter how badly October usually treats my real-life self!

Spider: Ghost Spid-eek! Snuggle Spider - (Static) - Wear Me
Backpack: *G-D* PumpkinBackPack
Chew: Schadenfreude Orange Pumpkin Wagashi
Dress: c*C*c Majorica in purple
Hair: Lamb Craft Spells in mosh
Makeup: Frick applied to my mesh face

Saturday, October 29, 2016

A baffled king composing

Here I am, gone a-hallowing. I've bought pretty things from SaNaRae. I've put on my dress. I've donned my mask. I'm humming a pretty ditty, and I'm ready to take your candy. Or maybe instead I will stare at the dark places inside of me and grin with a bit of humor about the game of life -- when entropy holds all the cards.

Let's dance in this eternal space instead.

~silentsparrow~ Neko Mask - Tiger RARE and Violet at SaNaRae
Lassitude & Ennui Bernadotte boots in black and grey
Calico Lucine in rainbow and gingers
Apricot Paws Laced-Back dress in colorful at SaNaRae
REKT Halloween Tree V2 Orange and Violet at SaNaRae

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

No they are IN my neck

Fricka has emerged with awesome makeup appliers based on some of her great, bold designs. I'm wearing Fricka's Serpentina makeup over my Pink Fuel Vamp skin for Catwa, and I really like the playful/Kabuki-ness of it all. Also, if you don't yet have Schadenfreude's annual treat bucket, get thee to the Elephant Ass and grab it!

Hair: Calico Lucine in grayscales
Collar: Schadenfreude spike collar from the nightmare hunt
Nose worm: Schadenfreude from the treat bucket
Horns: Schadenfreude super curly horns from the treat bucket
Dress: Emery Cullen Chamois dress in mustard from C88
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Battleworn Boots
Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: Catwa head with Pink Fuel Doll V2 Vamp skin AND ALSO Frick makeup - Serpentina in Orange for Catwa, woooo!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hymn to October

As always this October,

“To absent friends, lost loves, old gods, and the season of mists; and may each and every one of us always give the devil his due.” -- Neil Gaiman

Schadenfreude Blackened Glass Dem Bones Pedestal Table @ Salem
Schadenfreude Gold Glass Dem Bones Pedestal Table @ Salem
*katat0nik* (army / skull) Tendril Kitty @ SaNaRae
*katat0nik* (orange / heart) Tendril Kitty @ SaNaRae
~silentsparrow~ Halloween Birds - #5 Royal @ SaNaRae
~silentsparrow~ Halloween Birds - #7 Wizard @ SaNaRae
~silentsparrow~ Halloween Birds - #2 Mummy @ SaNaRae
~silentsparrow~ Halloween Birds - #8 Robin @ SaNaRae
Schadenfreude Hikari Lantern with Stand
* nonino * 1prim Lantern - Autumn
[CIRCA] - "Algonquin Outdoors" Fall Pumpkins w/ robin bird
[CIRCA] - "Algonquin Outdoors" Fall Pumpkins w/ lantern (mix)
JIAN Pumpkin Pile :: Five Cluster

Mr. Cool, Mr. Right, Mr. Knowitall

It would be so tremendously cool if, in real life, we could paint the lower half of our body invisible and attach a halloween costume. Imagine the possibilities! "I think I'll be the car from Speed Racer." "I think I'll be a naga." Someday, maybe, when cybernetics allow us to achieve Second Life in real life.

Also, this Dr. Horrible costume is from Katat0nik -- I love it, well made and easy to wear. The cute macabre birdie is from Silent Sparrow over at SaNaRae. There are many! I want the pumpkin-headed one!

~silentsparrow~ Halloween Birds - #2 Mummy at SaNaRae
*katat0nik* (F / M / white) Doctor Costume at Salem
!Ohmai : Steampunk Squirrel Goggles - Human Ver
PF Doll V2 Vamp with Catwa appliers
BESON x REIGN bubblegum #5 blacks

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Crumbly golden cakes

The best part of festivals is the cool stuff you can put in your mouth. Even if I can't taste the takoyaki or the moon cakes (hope you're enjoying it, avatar), I can dream about it. Go visit the Moon Festival and find some stuff to put in your mouth, too!

Moon Festival stuffs:
Moon Festival Dark Knight Decor Cherry Blossom Glazed Tea Set
Love Fox Oriental Lantern in Crimson for the Moon Festival
Dark Water Designs Geisha Fan Decor Sachi
Love Fox Moon Festival 2016 Prize; Kuro Neko, Kitsune, Shiro Usagi, Kokeshi
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Shoji Screen - Redwood Frame
[MnM] "Kotatsu" premium
[CIRCA] - :TAKUMI: Paper Table Light - Black Wood

Moon Festival outfit stuffs:
Schadenfreude Bunny Mooncake (mouth) for the Moon Festival
.ST. Pandamonium {M} in pastels for the Moon Festival
Nyan Dango Family - Kitty for the Moon Festival
{Ichigo} Delight Tsuki Dress - Gold (Size 2) for the Moon Festival
Pink Fuel Vamp skin for Catwa head
.:ellabella:. No Rain Here-full-mouth
(fd) Jupiter Bun - Pastel 4